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Non-Electric Bidet

Selecting one of the non-electric bidet products that we stock here at Bidets Online is the simplest way to achieve the health and hygiene benefits of this great piece of bathroom equipment. Non-electric bidets are available in the form of a handheld spray nozzle, a standalone unit, or a toilet seat attachment, and use water pressure to produce a cleansing jet of water.

With little to no installation or maintenance required and no additional electronic controls, these units are for bidet purists. They represent a functional yet stylish addition to your bathroom.

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The Benefits of a Non-Electric Bidet

Easy Installation, No Maintenance

One of the main factors driving the popularity of non-electric bidets in Australia is how easy they are to incorporate in your bathroom. Simply attach the hose connection for a free-standing unit, or connect the attachment onto your existing toilet unit in the case of a non-electric toilet seat bidet.

Unobtrusive Hygiene Solutions

This type of bidet is designed to offer great cleaning and high levels of hygiene without getting in the way. This makes it perfect even for smaller bathrooms, or for bathroom interiors that are arranged in a way which makes installation difficult. Whatever the layout of your interior, you will find a non-electric bidet to suit you.

Simple But Effective Cleaning

Just because a product is simple, does not mean that it compromises in terms of efficacy. This type of bidet gives you supreme cleaning and hygiene, with the absolute minimum of fuss.

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