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DIB C830

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Air Dryer Bidets


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Electric Bidet

Electric bidets tend to be towards the higher end of the products that we supply here at Bidets Online. These units use an electric power supply to provide a jet of water, which ensures highly effective comfort and cleaning to the user.

We have an extensive range of electric bidets available at Bidets Online to make sure our customers are able to find the right product to suit their interior space. We provide electric toilet seat bidets, as well as products which attach directly onto an existing toilet, giving the user a space saving solution which does not compromise on the décor or layout of the bathroom interior.

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The Benefits of an Electric Bidet

Electric bidets are a more popular option than their non-electric counterparts. Here are some of the factors which drive many customers to choose this kind of unit.

Diverse Options Available to Buyers

Whatever the layout of your bathroom interior – no matter how much space you have to play with – you will find the ideal electric bidet for your home. We stock electric bidets, which attach directly to your toilet seat, or free-standing units for your bathroom.

High-Quality Cleaning and Hygiene Features

With an electric powered jet, this type of bidet provides superior cleaning functionality, ensuring high levels of health and hygiene time and time again.

Easy Adjustability

Each electric bidet comes with its own ergonomically designed control. This gives the user a means to adjust the setting of the bidet as and when required, providing a superlative cleaning action. Higher-end models will also feature additional settings and controls.

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