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Bidet Toilet Seat Attachments

Many of us crave the hygiene and health aspect of a bidet but don’t really want the hassle of a bathroom renovation and installation job. This is understandable; a home is an ongoing design project but it is also a home, a space which must be used and lived in.

So, what is the answer? How can a customer achieve the best of both worlds; getting what they need from their bathroom without experiencing all that upheaval?

A bidet toilet seat attachment may provide the answer. This handy accessory fits onto an existing toilet seat, providing bidet functionality at a fraction of the hassle and cost of a standard unit.

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What Is a Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment?

Using a Bidet attachment for a toilet is a simple way to achieve all the advantages of a bidet with the minimum of hassle. A small bidet attachment fixes onto an existing toilet seat and can then be controlled using the console fitted to the side of the attachment.

Minimal maintenance or installation is required. The user simply unscrews the lid of the toilet seat and fits the attachment between the seat the top of the rim. The design of the attachment is slim, enabling it to be as unobtrusive as possible and ensuring that the function of the toilet seat is not compromised in any way.

What Are the Benefits of a Bidet Attachment?

Bidet toilet attachments are growing in popularity in Australia, but why is this? To help you decide on the best course of action, we’ve included some of the factors that make people choose these innovative pieces of bathroom equipment.

Easy installation and maintenance: Bidet attachments don’t need complicated, messy and time-consuming installation and maintenance work. Simply unscrew the toilet seat, fit the attachment, and replace the seat and you are good to go. The same applies to any maintenance work.

Easy to use controls and features: Each bidet attachment is fitted with an ergonomically designed control console, ensuring easy use for all. The console’s function is also produced in an intuitive manner, meaning there is no complicated learning curve for you to get to grips with.

Space saving in a bathroom interior: A compact bathroom may not have enough room to accommodate a standard bidet. A bidet attachment gives you the opportunity to fit a bidet in your bathroom, without it taking up any extra room.

Same great function, for a fraction of the cost: These attachments are also considerably less expensive than traditional bidets. This means you can enjoy all the benefits of a bidet at only a fraction of the cost.

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